Alberta 75 Housing Cooperative

Alberta 75 Housing Cooperative

Co-op housing is a great alternative to the uncertainty of rental markets or paying expensive mortgages. As a member you have a democratic voice in controlling the cost and operation of the Co-op community.

Unlike most neighbourhoods where you never know your neighbours, the Co-op community allows you the opportunity to meet your neighbours and make new friends through interaction on various committees and activities.

Alberta 75 Housing Co-operative is also a great place to raise your family.  We are a family orientated co-op located in a quiet residential neighbourhood close to schools, parks, gated community lake, and Fish Creek Park.

Our homes were built in 1980 (Alberta's 75th anniversary, hence the name Alberta 75). Our mortgage is held by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). We have many members who have lived here since the complex was brand new!

The basic philosophy behind a housing co-operative is residents share ownership of the entire complex. The basic tenant of co-operative living is that the residents share the responsibility for the administration, care and management of the co-operative.