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There is an early move-out penalty of $750.00 if you move out within the first year.

Extra parking stalls (no plug-in) are available for an additional fee of $12.00 per month.

Members pay thier own gas, electric, phone and cable utilities. On average, gas and electric bills can be budgeted at approximately $85.00 per month each. The Co-op pays the water and sewage charges.

Members are required to purchase Alberta 75 Housing Co-operative Limited shares in the amount of $1500.00. Members are also required to pay a lake fee deposit of $150.00.  The lake fees and co-op shares must be paid in guaranteed funds (no cash) prior to move in.  The shares and lake fee deposit are fully refundable at move out, unless there are damages to your unit, or arrears on your account when you move out. There is no interest paid on either the shares or the lake fee deposit.

Members are responsible for the care and up-keep of their unit, inside and out. We take pride in the grooming of our complex and we expect new members to do the same. From time to time, you may be asked to paint your fence. Paint will be supplied by the office, labour will not.
Your are also responsible for painting the inside of your unit. The Co-op supplies paint for one coat every four years. Any problems within or without your unit, beyond day to day wear and tear, should be reported to the office as soon as possible.

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