Housing Charge Insurance

What is Housing Charge Life Insurance?

Housing Charge Insurance is provided by Co-Operators Insurance and paid for by Alberta 75.  This insurance is paid for by Alberta 75 through the operating budget.  Members need not pay separately and are automatically qualified upon becoming a member.

The Co-operators (Insurance Company) will pay the housing charges to Alberta 75 for up to 6 months if a member dies before the age of 70, or for 3 months after the age of 70.  Coverage applies to each shareholder on the shareholder’s agreement in all cases except where death is caused by:

  • War, insurrection or any related incident
  • Participation in a riot.
  • Committing, attempting or provoking an assault or criminal offence.  

Peace of mind when you need it most.

If an Alberta 75 member dies, can the family still afford to pay the monthly housing charges?  What will happen to them if they can’t?  What does it mean for Alberta 75?  Dealing with the loss of a member can be difficult enough without worrying about the housing charge payments.  Housing Charge Life Insurance can help.

Members protected by Housing Charge Life Insurance can stay at Alberta 75 despite their loss.  This gives them some time to adjust to their new situation and ensures that Alberta 75 suffers no loss of income, and peace of mind for Alberta 75  and our members.

What happens if there’s a claim?

If a member dies, Alberta 75 notifies the Co-operators on behalf of the household.  The Co-operators then pays the housing charges to Alberta 75 for the benefit period covered in one lump sum.

If there’s a claim but the family doesn’t stay in the Alberta 75 for the entire benefit period, Alberta 75 pays the balance of the benefit, less any money owing to Alberta 75 directly to the family or the member’s estate.


1) Member’s Executor to advise Alberta 75 of Member’s passing with a Death Certificate or a Funeral Home’s Notice.

If an Alberta 75 Member passes away at age 69 or less, Alberta 75 will get a 6-month housing charge insurance benefit will be deposited into the Member’s Alberta 75 account.

If an Alberta 75 Member passes away at age 70 or more, Alberta 75 will get a 3-month housing charge insurance benefit will be deposited into the member’s Alberta 75 account.

2) Alberta 75 will submit a claim on behalf of the Member’s Estate.

3) Alberta 75 will discuss with the executor of the Member’s Estate what the plans are for the Estate. The Executor will decide how long it will take to complete the Estate move out process.  Any monies from the Member’s Alberta 75 account closure will be given to the Member’s Estate.

The beneficiary of the Housing Charge Insurance in Alberta 75 to help with the estate logistics management. Every member’s estate is structured differently and this method ensures that the Member’s Estate receives monies in a timely manner.

Brochure From Co-operators:

Member’s Responsibilities:

Members are asked to ensure estate papers include information about the Housing Charge Insurance Program.