Southern Alberta Co-operative Housing Association (SACHA)

What does SACHA do for Alberta 75?

  • Protection: Membership provides you with the confidence in
    knowing this is ‘Your’ local Federa2on was organized and formed by
    you the membership. In 1985 it was decided by a base of
    volunteers from Southern Alberta that it was time to have our own
    federation. Our members recognized the need for specialized
    services specific to housing co-operatives in Southern Alberta.
    SACHA remains committed to providing these services to ensure
    that Alberta’s housing co-operative sector remains strong, is
    sustainable and remains a viable housing model now and in the
  • We offer services that protect our members from the
    complexities of doing business.
  • Consultation on matters that are specific to housing cooperatives.
  • We provide guidance and advocate for our members with
    CMHC and The Agency and other government agencies.
    Example: Employment Standards and Human Rights.
  • Help you navigate the Co-operatives Act of Alberta.
  • We unify our membership as a collective of housing co-operatives in
    Southern Alberta and across Canada.
  • We honour and promote the 7 Principles of Housing Co-operatives.
    We follow and use these principles as they are the core of who we
    are as a co-op enterprise. Principle 6 is important to SACHA and is
    at the heart of what we do. We exist because of it. – “Co‑operation among Co‑operatives: By organizing together in federations, housing co‑ops grow stronger and help to build a healthy co-op movement. Where they can, housing co‑ops use the services of co‑op businesses to meet their needs.”
  • Lobby all levels of government for the continuation of
    subsidies and further development of housing co-operatives.
  • SACHA represents you at the Municipal, Provincial, and
    Federal levels of government along with other federa2ons
    across Canada. We work in conjunc2on with CHF Canada but
    work independently for Southern Alberta.
  • Work with legal counsel to ensure that accurate information is
    provided on specialized matters that will directly affect our
    membership. Example: Subsidy agreements.
  • We are active in lobbying for changes to the Municipal
    Government Act (MGA). Our current objectives are:
    Property Taxes and Co-op Housing Development.
  • Specialized referrals – Legal – Auditors – Consultants
  • Educate the public about co-op housing.
  • Sector Affiliation: CHF Canada, ACCA, Rooftops, NACHA.
  • Security: SACHA has negotiated and implemented many
    programs in our Bulk Program that provide exceptional
    returns for our membership.
  • First Calgary Refinancing Program through SACHA offers a
    lower rate of interest than you would be able to secure in the
    regular market. SACHA and First Calgary relationship ensure
    that members receive the best rates.
  • Joint Sector agreement with CHF Canada – provides your coop with 10% discount on membership dues with CHF Canada.
  • Members of our Housing Co-operative receive higher rates on
    their personal investments with First Calgary.
  • Phone consulta2ons: advice and referrals are provided to
    members and individual members of housing co-ops.
  • Effective Governance and Management: Education and
    consultations for our members. Strategic Planning – Goal
    SettIng– Workshops – Mediation – Staff Training.
  • Bulk Buying: We negotiate fair pricing and quality products
    for our membership. If you are not familiar with our products
    please refer to our website for a full list of our partners and
    further details.
  • Our Partners: First Calgary, The Brick, Canada Rug, AMRE,
    Staples, RONA (Lowes), Sherwin Williams, and Tidal